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A mobile-based app for employees to personalize the growth

Employees can take the assessment, access the self-paced paths, book the coaching session and set and track the golas.


AwarePath Process

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Employees complete the in-app science-based assessment to identify the focus areas. Management accesses the aggregated results through the web portal and decides where to start improving.

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Employees are matched with a personalized growth profile and start working on the recommended self-paced paths, supported by selected business coaches, through individual and group sessions.

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Management can clearly measure how the personal growth of the workforce impacts the performance KPIs, identify areas for improvement and quantify the ROI on the investment.

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Why is Awarepath different? 

A framework based on science

Trained and experienced coaches 

Scalable and flexible approach 

Easily quantifiable ROI 

With empowered people everything is possible

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